broken arrow
when you hit the ground
it's hard to get to
heaven when you're
falling hell bound
Oct 19 +7109


The ankle boots in primary colours @ Dior Fall 2014 Couture

photographed by giuliano bekor

I played the character knowing that she was knocked down, 100 percent, dead-in-front-of-a-bus in love with her boss. Every scene, I did not care if it was about taxes or about, you know, getting rid of the penny, it was all about me being in love with him.JM

Sleeping everynight next to Mona Lisa, the modern day version with better features.. ♫

Hey, little bit of good news, I figured out the case! Remember Gregory said he got off at the York Street station the night of the stabbing? Well I took the subway here and it’s closed for construction.

Oct 3 +9778
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Elie Saab fall 2014 backstage